Cleaning And Caring For Your Refrigerator

The fridge is one of the main areas to concentrate on when you are cleaning your kitchen. It is important to maintain your refrigerator clean and tidy.

However, commercial refrigerator cleaning does not have to be an intimidating process, this manual clarifies what products are acceptable for cleaning the refrigerator and some basic methods that will assist you to get the job done very quickly.

commercial refrigeration cleaning

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Here are some points of cleaning:-

Outside surfaces (all versions )

-Clean all other outside surfaces using a mixture of warm water and liquid dishwashing soap, and soft fabric.

-If needed, wash the magnetic door gasket and also the center door gaskets using an old toothbrush warm water and liquid dishwashing detergent.

Interior (all versions )

-it's crucial to maintain the inside of the fridge and freezer wash to prevent food from becoming contaminated during storage. Eliminate the shelves out of the cupboard and door. Wash shelves and storage containers in warm detergent and water; wash in clean water and dry before replacing.

-Wipe over the inside surfaces with warm water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Alternatively, it is possible to use 1 teaspoon baking soda dissolved in 500 ml (1/2 qt) of warm water. Rinse with fresh water.

-Don't use abrasive, abrasive fabrics on any part of the fridge or freezer.