Common Problems and Fridge Repairs for Everyone

Fridge owners report a variety of problems almost daily. The good news? Most of these problems can be easily diagnosed and won't require expensive fridge repairs. There are some situations where it is best to have someone take a look at the fridge. Here are some common issues and quick fixes. You can get the best and affordable services for the fridge repairs in Sydney.

Water is accumulating at the bottom of your fridge Water could pool at the bottom of your fridge or produce bins for a variety of reasons. Most likely, the drainpipe is blocked or damaged. You can do this yourself, even though a professional can help. You will need to empty the fridge and freezer. 

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This quick-fix will help you get out of your panic. After unplugging your fridge, wait for it to turn on again and then plug it back in. If the fridge doesn't turn on, unplug it again. Find the circuit breaker in your home and check that it hasn't been tripped. If the switch has been tripped,

simply move it back to the "on" position. Plug the fridge back into the outlet and check if the fan/motor is still working. If the fridge still isn't working, you should have it professionally repaired.

Although the fridge appears to be working, the light is not turning on.

If the refrigerator is cold and you can hear it running, the fridge will feel warm to the touch. You can check the bottom of the fridge to make sure the button is functioning. Press it several times to turn the light on or off. If it doesn't, then you should remove the bulb to verify that it is working correctly. Most likely, the problem is caused by a blown bulb that can be easily replaced.