Custom Printed T Shirts – Specialized And Personalized For Promotion

Whether it is for promotional purposes or just for the sake of having your own statement, Custom Printed Tee Shirts have been all over the place lately. With the recent changes in technology, there are now several techniques used to print t-shirts. If you are looking for hi vis screen printing then you can check

Techniques in Customizing Tee Shirt Printing

Heat transfer printing

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It is a transfer designs or photos to a T-shirt using an iron or heat. It is one of the cheapest methods, but the downside is that the print usually has a short life span. After a few washes, mold tends to crack or peel, which leave unsightly print on the shirt. It may be advisable for small businesses.

Vinyl  Transfer

This technique is used to color fabrics. It produces great results when it comes to layering of color, which gives you more freedom to choose a variety of colors and designs for Custom Printed Shirts Tee. Decoration can also be added. With the same process used in the heat transfer printing, heat is also used to transfer the design. The difference is the material used the vinyl and cut prior to the transfer of heat.

Innovation in Creating Custom Printed Tee Shirts

With the advances that continue to occur in a variety of tee shirt printing method, here comes a new innovation, the digital designing. Some of the destinations preferred why this is:

Establish a brand image

Because it is new, some people will certainly interest in using this technique. The precise details in print will lure more advertisers.