Employer Benefits of Working with Recruitment Agencies

For many entrepreneurs’ recruitment agencies is an important part of their recruitment process. First, from the employer, there is a time and money can be saved.

To advertise directly the employer may have to place a few ads if they do not regularly recruit a single ad on the popular job boards that can cost several hundred pounds.  If you are looking for the top executive search firm in London then you are at the right place.

Employer Benefits of Working with Recruitment Agencies

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A more specialist job may not attract the right applicants so that they will have to spend more on advertising in specialist publications or websites. But even this does not guarantee the right applicants will apply that can lead to more ads placed.

Also, consider the time required; who will write and publish articles? These people will be in salary and will often have other tasks to complete.

Someone needs to review the CVs, responding to applicants, screen applicants, arrange and conduct interviews, and if the applicants have not been screened effectively some of the interviews can be a waste of time.

Adding the cost of wages paid to the staff involved, how much time is taken, and what other work they can do, even then there is still no guarantee of actually hiring someone.

So what can an agency do to justify their costs and provide good service? As the name suggests, Recruitment Consultants provides consulting services. If the company can choose a good agent with experienced consultants who know the market so their service can add a lot of value.