Finding the Best Mattress for Camping and Backpacking

We are going to look at three types of mattresses that can be used for camping and/or backpacking purposes.  If you want to get the best sleeping mattress for camping then you are in the right place.

Finding the Best Mattress for Camping and Backpacking

We will look at the benefits and drawbacks of an air mattress, foam mattress, and a self-inflating mattress.

Air Mattress

These mattresses can be found in all sizes from 1 "height and 3 feet in length to 12 and in the shape of the California King Sleep Number. They require some type of air pumping in the mattress to inflate. This Can be manual or with a small motor.

Benefits- This is a good option when someone is opting for a car camp or can stay in a camp. This is a good option when weight and bulk do not play a factor in one's camping experience.

Drawbacks- As mentioned earlier, the size and weight of this product is often the biggest drawback. The plastic material used to coat this product is often slippery and users may complain about excessive movement.

Foam Mattress

For camping purposes, these mattresses are commonly found in dimensions 1-3 "in height and the maximum size compared with a twin mattress.

Benefits- It is a great choice for many camper and backpackers. It is often the first choice for many ultra-light backpackers given its low weight.

Drawbacks – The biggest concern of foam mattresses is bulkiness. Some people complain about its harsh and rigid materials that take away from the comfort found in such products.

Self-Inflating Mattress

This is a new product that incorporates the benefits of both an air mattress and a foam mattress into one product. These mattresses are on average 1-2 "in height and are normally 6-8 feet in length. When someone opens an air valve, the foam inflates the mattress into the air.

Benefits- As mentioned earlier, this product takes into account the benefits of both air and foam. This product often packs the smallest as the foam is compressed.

Drawbacks – Although this product is smaller than most foam mattresses, it can be found heavier. This product is often only heavy, but for ultra-light backpackers, this difference is often enough to be preferred.