Indian Cuisine – An Interesting Mix Of Herbs, Spices, Culture, And Religion

When we think of Indian food, we normally think of sweet-smelling dishes of herbs and flavorings sprinkled, and that thinking is usually right.

The Indian methods of cooking and techniques can be traced back to about 5,000 years ago. It was shaped by the land and the products from a specific region; well, there are different best Indian food dishes

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The normal diet consists of meat and they also make use of vegetables and fruits. The use of spices has long been used in Indian cooking. When religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have grown up in India, vegetarianism has become widespread and flourished. In fact, the prohibition of eating beef has become the hallmark of long Hinduism, and this practice will still go on, even to this day.

Come to the Middle Ages, spices and tea were introduced in India by traders and travelers. Much later, Indian food was again influenced by the invaders and conquerors from Central Asia and the Afghan region. It was also at this time that the dressings have become a part of Indian cuisine, especially the use of saffron. 

In the 18th century, when the British came to India to govern the country, a marriage between the two kitchens and two cultures arrived, and it was named the 'Anglo-Indian cuisine'. It was not shocking then to see popular British cuisines like roast beef having an Indian character by making use of local Indian spices like curry and red chili. 

If there is one point that can be spoken about Indian cuisine is that although many international cuisines have greatly influenced the traditional recipes and methods of Indian cuisine, it has still retained its originality. and authenticity.