Key Tips To Save Time And Money In Australia While Moving House


This is a good time to review your policy and make sure you get it changed over to the new address for the correct moving date.

It's also important to check if your policy includes cover for your contents during your move – damage or loss to your items could be incredibly costly if you're uninsured. However, many companies like south west property offer new properties for sale in Australia online.

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 If it doesn't, reliable moving companies can offer security either involved or as an additional cost, nevertheless, be sure to read the small print.


Ask around for recommendations on removalists and request quotes from approximately three or four to decide which is the most cost-effective.

To reduce the cost, book at least six weeks in advance and consider moving during the week rather than over the weekend. When evaluating removalists, price is however not the only consideration.

 Make sure the company you choose is a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association; this will reduce the risk of getting an amateur removalist – which can be a costly mistake.

Organize your utilities

Disconnect and reconnect your electricity, gas, telephone, and water approximately two weeks leading up to the move. This also provides you with a good opportunity to review your quarterly spending and consumption and see if there are any areas you could be saving money.


Get rid of the clutter in your home, start room-by-room and try and clear out the junk as you go by either dropping it off at charity stores or giving it away. The less you have to move the more time and money you'll save.