Learning Arabic Quran Online

The Qur’an was first revealed in Arabic. It still remains in its original form, and believers say that God ensured that the Quran was preserved in its original form. The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word “salam” and means peace, purity, obedience and submission. From a religious point of view, Islam means obeying God’s will.

The beauty and essence of the Quran are reinforced by the fact that it is written in a language as graceful as Arabic. Arabic is a beautiful dialect and has unique calligraphy, which makes reading the Quran in Arabic even more interesting. Now you can learn Quran online with best courses starting from $35.

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Al-Quran in other languages ​​can sometimes remove the essence of what the author wants to convey. This is the main reason why many people still believe in reading the Quran in Arabic, even though there are many translations for the book.

Not only do those who follow the Quran do this, but those who do and study their religious research prefer to study the Quran in its most virgin form. There is a certain rhythm associated with the Quran which only appears when you read it in Arabic and not in any other language.

All the pronunciations, intonations and caesura used by the Prophet Muhammad must be used very effectively when reading the Quran in Arabic. The feeling you have while reading the Quran in Arabic is very unique and serene, and you will not achieve that state of mind if you read the Quran in another language.