Options and Considerations for Funeral Transport

The provision of a limousine and motorcade of your choice, with an adequate driver and transport, is usually an integral part of the services offered by the funeral director.

Funeral Transportation Considerations

When deciding the most appropriate form of transportation for a funeral procession (hearse and car that follows a funeral procession), you might want to consider the following issues:

Hearse Types and Style:

Size of Funeral Sites:

How many major mourners will require transportation to and from the cemetery and attend services?

Remember that a standard funeral limousine can carry up to six people, comfortably. Also, consider who is traveling in each car on the motorcade. If you want a professional team to decide this for you, visit https://franklinfunerals.co.uk/.


Wheelchair Access:

 Do any of the mourners in the procession need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, because this can affect your choice to rent transportation?

Funeral Procession Routes:

You need to be specific about the route the motorcade must follow, e.g. point of departure and final destination, do you want the motorcade to follow a special route and if you need transportation to a different destination after the funeral.

Funeral Transportation Options

Hearse Motor:

 A classic motor and hearse beside the car are other options, e.g. hearse Harley Davidson, Victory Cafe Racer or maybe Suzuki Hayabusa; some motor hearses allow major mourners to ride pillion.

Horse Carriage:

Victorian horse-drawn hearse, with two or four black or white horses, or one horse riding a horse to escort a cortège would be an appropriate farewell award for anyone with a previous riding connection.