Safety Measures With Personal Protective Equipment in Australia

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is very important in environments where workers are at risk. There are various types of industries where workers are exposed to different types of hazards. When employees wear or use properly PPE face masks from, they can be protected from this hazard.

The use of PPE usually begins when administrative controls, engineering controls, and work practices fail to eliminate the hazard. For example, a welder must wear protective gear or goggles when performing his job, because the risk of ultraviolet light cannot be controlled by administrative controls, engineering controls, or work practices.

Some of the most common types of PPE are:

o helmet

o clothes

o gloves

o glasses

o oxygen mask

o Safety vest

Employer responsibility

Employers are responsible for providing adequate, free, hygienic, and effective PPE to all their employees who are exposed to uncontrolled hazards. Employers should actively evaluate hazards and consult experts if necessary. Remember, a lack of knowledge is no excuse. All employees must wear appropriate PPE when they may be at risk.

Employee responsibility

After employers provide their employees with extensive knowledge and training on PPE, it is the responsibility of employees to wear PPE properly when they are at risk.

Remember that in the event of an accident, the employer will not be held responsible if the employer has provided PPE to the worker but did not wear it. According to regulations, employees who are familiar with the rules are responsible for their applications.