The Many Benefits Of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular for flooring, and for several good reasons. Architects define it as a new building, and if you are thinking about polished concrete floors for a new building, you definitely need to work with the architect at the planning stage, as concrete is poured very early in the construction process. If you want to add an aggregate or other elements to concrete, this must be clarified before starting work.

You can get really creative with polished concrete. Dyes or mordant and various other materials can be mixed. You can add decorative aggregate, metal, or glass and this will appear after the final polish is complete. You can also use a saw or stencil to decorate the surface, creating unique patterns. However, you can also go to to find options for concrete polishing in Gold Coast for your home decor.

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If you want to add color to the mix, there are two different options. The first way is integral paint which gives a uniform appearance across the board. The second option is to add color while polishing, which allows you to use multiple colors. If you already have a concrete floor, don’t worry. You can add dye or stain to the surface before polishing. Concrete picks up paint or stains in some areas more than others, so you get a colorful look.

The concrete surface can also be supplemented with decorative trim and you can create the effect of tiles or a number of different geometric patterns. Those cuts or seams can be followed with an angled V knife to clean damaged seams and create cleaner edges, and can then be filled with polyurea, a semi-solid product that protects dust and dirt from the seams that are flexible enough to move with the concrete.