Things You Must Know About Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement is also known as Tenant Enhancements (TI), Tenant Improvement Aid (TIA) or just Tenant Allowance (TA). 

This is an amount of money agreed between the tenant and the landlord, which must be paid by the landlord to cover construction costs associated with additions and changes to the leased premises during the use of commercial property.

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The TIA amount can be used to cover all construction costs. However, the tenant’s costs for furniture and interior decoration or other initial costs that are not related to direct physical repairs to the leased premises will not be covered.

What does Tenant Improvement Allowance cover?

TIA covers all construction costs, labor costs, material costs and all other amounts for the addition of permanent fixtures such as partitions, doors, windows and other equipment required for the purpose and enjoyment of the rented space.

Other legal fees such as permit fees, legal fees, and architectural fees can also be covered by tenant repair grants if the owner agrees. 

The time it takes to make repairs to the tenant mainly depends on the condition of the room you are going to occupy.

Usually, if it’s a new building and you’re the first to rent it out, all you get is a shell. Then you need to build everything you need to fit your goals.

In these cases, the number of tenant upgrades is much larger and usually takes a month or two depending on where you upgrade your tenants.