Tips to Extend Your iPod Touch Battery Life

When I was paying for my iPod, I asked the person at the Apple Store how long the battery typically lasts. While I already knew the answer, I wanted to see if he would give me the official "up to 12 hours" answer, or if he would throw in what any iPod owner already knows. That is, we all know iPods often lose battery power in half that time.

Most people get around 6 to 8 hours of real use before having to recharge. After about a year of daily use, I have had my iPod Touch long enough to offer some advice on ways to extend battery life. Here are 5 tips to have longest battery life but will not affect the usability or operation of your iPod.

Honor Play Feature Image

1. Kill the Wi-Fi – If you are using your iPod while jogging or while washing your car, Wi-Fi is useless. Go into your settings and turn it off. Maintaining a connection to the internet drains battery life and does nothing to improve the functionality of your iPod unless you are actually browsing the internet or using an application that requires an internet connection.

2. Use the Pause Button – When you take your ear-buds out to take a phone call or to pay for something at a grocery store, pause whatever it is you are listening to. It's easy. Until Apple starts manufacturing ear-buds with proximity sensors that know when you remove them from your ears, pausing your iPod will be a manual process. This process, however, will extend battery life by more than 30%.

3. Turn on the Auto-Brightness Feature – Your iPod is smart enough to adjust the brightness of your iPod screen according to your surroundings. Auto-brightness will dim your iPod if you walk into a poorly lit area, and will increase brightness if are you in a bright area. The backlight of an iPod consumes an immense amount of battery life.

It does not need to be at its brightest at all times. If you activate the auto-brightness feature, you will not notice any difference is usability. You will see your battery life extended, however.