Which Fitness Classes in Vancouver Are Right For You?

How many times have you heard those New Year’s resolutions about getting healthy, working out and joining a gym only to find the great ideas come to nothing by the end of the first month and gym memberships are never used.

This is because it is often hard to find the right fitness classes in Vancouver that match your needs, the time you have available and have the exercises that are right for you.

fitness classes vancouver
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Making your exercise regime fun and enjoyable is the best way to ensure you will keep doing it and reach your fitness goals.

There is a whole range of group fitness classesin Vancouver but deciding which one is best suited to you is a matter of going along and taking a good look at each one and meeting the people involved.

One of the main deciding factors will be how the group feels to you and the emotional enjoyment you get.

  1. Standard aerobics classes

These may now seem old-fashioned, but they are still popular and give a good workout.

2. Circuit Training

These are good for people who find it hard to focus on only one exercise. The exercises are basic and simple to do such as press ups, crunches, squats, squat jumps, burpees, jumping jacks and more.

3. Yoga

This helps to develop tone and build strength while it improves posture and your flexibility as it works to achieve balance and peace with your mind and body.

4. Box exrcise and Tae Bo Basic Training

These both offer you a total body fitness system that incorporates martial arts techniques such as kicks and punches; it works the whole body and encourages fat burning.

5. Body Pump

Uses weights and cardio moves to burn off those calories it works the whole body for maximum fat burning.

6. Spinning

Upbeat music and dynamic speeds the high level workout make for an exciting experience, it’s much more than pedaling a bike. It works your legs and core muscles.

7. Cross Fit

This is the real hard core stuff and will really pull you into shape quickly, the daily workout routines are always changing so it works every part of your body. It is a very social, from beginners to super athletes working together to beat their own records helping you become strong and super fit so you can handle anything.

Group fitness classes are really a matter of personal choice the amount of time you have to exercise and the distance you live from the gym. They all provide a high degree of exercise and physical challenge in a social and friendly environment so go with what feels right.