Aids of Finishing on the Hardwood Floor

When you buy hardwood floors, you can get them with a variety of finishes, including water-based coatings and oil-based coatings. Oil-based finishes are usually more abrasive and stain-resistant. If the result is acidic urethane they are very durable but unfortunately, they emit very strong fumes.

If you get wood floors that are considered environmentally friendly and natural, these bases are generally in the form of minerals and plants, but some are also wax-based. Another option that does not require additional maintenance is the finished floor. To get more information about the hardwood finishes then you can visit at

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One of the most commonly used oil modification for your wood floor is polyurethane. When applying it to your wood floor, it can take ten to fourteen hours to dry completely. The polyurethane coating is durable, resilient, and is recommended for areas with high traffic.

It is also resistant to stains so if you have a pet and this type of child may be a good choice. One layer that usually dries quickly is a layer that heals acid. This type of finishing floor is suitable for many different hardwood floors. Using an acid-based coating will add color and shine depth without giving the floor an unnatural yellow. You can get this end result in semi-gloss, matte, or high-gloss. High glossy will add the best luster and shine while you will only have a little gloss with semi-gloss.