Benefits of using Wood Facade

Consisting of three to ten layers, called piles, hardwood flooring is much more powerful than other wood floorings. Wood flooring allows homeowners to apply them in places they never thought in the past. 

Most of the wood facades come with an elegant factory finish that will last for years and can be used immediately after they are installed.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for floors. In Thailand, Maxiswood is one of the company that makes beautiful building facades using composite timber. Maxiswood facade is lightweight and installed with ordinary tools.

You should check out the skin of the wood, the number of veneer in the core and finishing coats, when looking at the quality of the wood facade. This coating does not affect the price and durability of the facade.

Wood flooring is complete problem solvers, allowing people to install them where a particular floor can not be placed. You can install them in the basement or on top of concrete slabs which are often unsuitable for a solid floor. 

They can be installed anywhere in the home, even in a place, one would never have thought of. The floorings are perfect for use during remodels, heat radiation and cables.