Buying Healthy Dog Biscuits for Your Loved One

Good nutrition for your dog includes nutritious food, healthy dog biscuits and treats. When you feed your pet a balanced and nutritious diet, good health will follow. We often think the food we purchase at the store is a quality product.

This is not always the case. Not all dog treats or dog food is healthy for our pets to consume. Do you know what to look for on the ingredients label? Let's face it, it's really confusing. That's why making your own all-natural dog biscuits and even natural dog food is a better alternative. You can, however, also buy healthy dog biscuits from

Poor nutrition

Store-bought foods can contain preservatives, additives, and artificial colors to name a few. In addition, they may contain fillers to create the product cost less. Too much of these substances negatively affect your pet's internal health that causes chronic conditions and diseases.

Do You Know … Five Food Products A Canine Should NEVER Eat?

  • Chocolate, tea, coffee
  • Alcohol and nicotine products
  • Grapes, raisins or nuts Macadamia
  • Bones from fish, poultry or other meat
  • Raw eggs, onions or garlic

In addition, giving candies to your puppy should be avoided. Salt and salty foods found in snacks are also a no-no. The reasons the items on this list are ejected from a canine's diet range from the possibility of choking, digestive effects and the obvious caffeine and alcohol issues that also occur in humans.