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The discovery made by humans in the twentieth and twenty-first century is considered much more advanced than many discoveries and technological advances of the previous century. A closer look at the technologies and ideas used by people who lived centuries before actually reveals the fact that they are much more advanced because they have limited resources.

 For example, today with the help of the power of any small or large building can be turned on, but in the past when there was no electricity, the building was made for a bright screen using nothing but daylight.  If you buy skylight in Perth with clear glass or acrylic, these lights will spread over a large area.

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This concept uses skylights centuries ago and has now become a phenomenon that is considered the favorite of energy conservation and environmental protection. 

This means that buildings with an efficient skylight system do not use much energy for heating and lighting during the day, to reduce money spent on energy.

In the past, skylights were used in the absence of electricity, and are well designed using the best raw materials of their time and installed in the right place to strengthen the maximum availability during the day.

The current generation is using the same concept to reduce energy consumption as a way to make homes, commercial buildings and industrial complexes greener. The skylight is of many types, and since time immemorial the glass skylight is best considered since they can increase during the day and illuminate the entire building when designed correctly.

The main objective of installing skylights today in residential or commercial buildings is to take advantage of the available sunlight throughout the day and reduce energy consumption for lighting purposes during that time.