Men’s Dress Shirts – An Introduction

The dress shirt is simply a long-sleeved shirt with a collar and buttons on the front. These shirts are well-designed for wearing with a tie as opposed to the more casual sports shirts which tend to be worn with an open collar.

Plus, the button up party shirts looks good with a jacket or blazer, but there's no need to wear it – it looks just as pretty without it.

Men's dresses can be seen more than once, but there are slight variations to the collars and cuffs. This difference often complements the variety of men's jackets that can be worn. However, men's shirts are best suited for formal events as they are needed in most office careers or corporate events.

Some will include short-sleeved shirts in the dress category, but they are very difficult to wear under a jacket.

Today the dress shirt is common in every man's wardrobe and is rarely left dusty – much more versatile than in the past, in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles.

As I said, times are changing and shirts are worn more frequently in society – this adds a touch of class to almost every style. Dresses are much cheaper and more affordable than the other components that make up men's clothing, such as shoes or jackets.