Know The Process Of Probate

The process of Probate starts with hiring an Attorney, who has expertise in the field of Probate Law prevailing in the State.

Know the process of probate:

• Probate Petition needs to be filed in the first court to open the estate as early as possible after the death of the person. Understanding the probate process is important.

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If it is filed (with lesser disputes) by an expert Probate Attorney, you could expect the case to be over in seven stipulated months. Probate needs to be taken properly for an earlier and happier ending.

• Filing the Probate in the Court can be done in a day or two.

• Get the date from the first court. It may probably take 5-6 weeks from the date of filing for Probate.

• Need to send out publications, as per the petition filed in the court, in the local newspaper about the death and probate.

• Settling the amount due to the Creditors

• Filing the Final Petition after settling the Creditors

• An Executor, a Probate Attorney, and a Tax Consultant are involved in this process of distributing the wealth of the deceased estates.

• Get the letter signed by the Judge. If your Attorney is smart enough, he/she can get the letter signed on the same day of the Final Petition Date.

In cases where there is no dispute, a final petition can be filed by the executor within seven months. There may be a time delays if the properties spread out and if there are disputes.