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Feral Cats: Reducing Your Property Value

Some people feel that pet overpopulation is a result of people who love and care about animals. However, as a homeowner, you should be concerned about the increasing population of feral cats, even if you are not a cat lover yourself.

Feral cats can drive down property values in several ways. Urine marking by unneutered male cat leaves a lingering smell that is very unpleasant. Cats like to deposit dirt soft ground, making gardens and sandboxes children at risk of disease transmission.

Feral cat trapping services can help you get over this problem.

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Feral cats are usually not vaccinated and because it is the first point of contact for the disease to infiltrate pets and people. The noise created by the fighting or mating cats annoying. Cats are highly efficient predators that can severely impact wild species.

In order to combat colonies of feral cats from impacting the value of your property, you must support mandatory spaying and neutering of pet shelters and encourage family and friends to not let their cats go unsprayed or unneutered. There are too many cats in shelters already – cats do not need to have a pet waste into satisfied.

Encouraging laws hold owners responsible for the behavior of their cat. More and more people are enacting legislation that allows for the free-roaming cat owners fined. Cats can be happy as pets indoors or as / controlled outdoor pets.

Encourage the humane trapping and euthanization as an alternative to poisonous bait in your community. In addition to being inhumane, toxic bait can be picked up by pets, children and wildlife.

How To Prevent Snakes From Invading Your Place

Seeing snakes slithering on your page can definitely be one of the most frightening experiences you can go through. Snake is one of the most dangerous reptiles you may have the unfortunate experience of crossing the road with.

In case you see a snake in your property, it is recommended that you leave the removal to the snake trapping and removal Los Angeles based companies who have the best techniques and equipment, and then they check your property for the presence of a nest where other creatures can hide.

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Prevention is of course still the key to thwarting snakes from visiting or attacking your lawn. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to make sure your yard is free of snakes:

Keeping your lawn clean and well maintained:

Trash can draw a bunch of other pests such as rats, cockroaches and spiders are food for snakes. If you want to keep the snake off your domain, make sure that your property is not perfect and most comfortable “hunting ground” for them.

Cut your grass regularly:

Besides litter, tall grass provides a great hiding place for rats, mice, squirrels, crickets and locusts – some kind of a snake’s favorite prey. Do not give the snake more reasons to invade your turf to keep pests and unwanted insects. Always cut your grass often.

Keeping Skunks Out Of Your Garden

You can smell them, you can see the damage they cause, but you never know why they come around your house. Skunks are interested in gardens, so if you have one or more around your property, you have found your answer.

Skunks are omnivores like us, so they eat all kinds of vegetables. But they will also explore the lawn and garden for insects and grubs. Fortunately, you can call the Los Angeles skunk trapping and removal company to handle this situation.

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Apart from that, there are some simple and effective methods to get rid of a skunk in your garden.

Bright light

The first method you should try to install the light, outdoor lights that shine directly in the garden. Skunks will not feel safe in brightly-lit areas, and avoid light at all costs to protect them from danger.

Aroma and Smells

There are some smells that can prevent skunks from entering your property. Just like humans, some annoying and unpleasable aroma of skunk, so they avoid them when they could. Try citrus smell. Also, the skunk will not approach ammonia.


Animals attracted to food and shelter, it is as simple as that. Protect your garden is simply not enough to keep skunks away. You also have to eliminate all the other attractions on your property, including pet food, pet bowls, bird baths, squirrel feeders, bird seed, and compost heaps, garbage cans, and much more.