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Eco Fashion – The Ultimate Guilt-Free Shopping

Eco-fashion is the latest buzzword on the lips of everyone. Consumers who have a conscience want to buy it and fashion labels want to take some of its marketing potentials. So what is really green fashion? And how does it help the environment?

Eco-fashion is a term that can be used to describe the clothes that are made in a sustainable manner that minimizes environmental impact. You can see the best reviews of fashion from EcoPruner as they give a detailed analysis of brands, lifestyle and more. Some of the main ways that fashion and clothing can have an impact on the environment are:

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Pesticides used in the cultivation of natural fibers – Cotton production uses large amounts of chemical pesticides that have a series of environmental impacts, including risks to the health of those living nearby.

Chemical pollution/by textile manufacturing goods – Textile mills chemicals can enter the water ecosystems and damage the flora and fauna and pose a risk to humans.

Synthetic Textile waste does not degrade organic and serves a vital disposal problem. Even original textiles generate carbon dioxide as they decompose.

The usage of fossil combustibles and the generation of carbon dioxide – The entire manufacturing and distributing textile use of fossil fuels and produce carbon dioxide. 

There are many eco-fashion initiatives and labels which help minimize some or all of these effects on the environment. They include natural organic fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, hemp and soy, durable materials, fabrics made from recycled materials and recycling and restyling of second-hand clothing. You can find almost everything that eco-fashion garments you want including trainers organic cotton and recycled jewelry

How to Coordinate Your Colours for a Professional Look

Knowing how to combine colors in your wardrobe that accentuate your skin tones and hair color is almost a science that makes you look outstanding. Your ultimate goal when using colors together is to achieve harmony and a sophisticated statement of style. You want your look to be pleasing, to be balanced, and to enhance your overall appearance. Be careful not to overdo your ensembles; using too many colors and styles in the same outfit will create a look that is chaotic and unorganized. Let’s look at some tips for using color to create your professional look. You can browse to get more information about it.

For a conservative look, you can combine your navy suit with a white blouse, and a burgundy scarf. Dark colors are always considered as conservative and are appropriate when you are interviewing, meeting clients, or entertaining a potential client who is in town to learn more about your company.

Use seasonal colors to your advantage. Pastels are great for summer and they include yellow, pinks, reds, and purples. Remember that combining pastel tops with darker bottoms will make you look thinner and are seen as being more formal. For autumn you’ll want to wear browns, greens, and rust shades that can be combined with khaki pants or skirts and scarves that highlight all of the colors that you are using.

You can use monochromatic colors but use different textures to highlight the fabrics. You can add pieces that show the pattern of the fabric or contrast some of the colors to reflect the different shade of one basic color. This is an interesting and quite fashionable look in the workplace.

To achieve a sophisticated look for the office, use neutral colors like white, gray, and beige. If you wear a white blouse with khaki pants and a piece of gold or silver jewelry, you’ll make an exceptional statement of style.

If you are entertaining clients who are in town for special events, you can add a hat to your wardrobe for an elegant look. For this style, you’ll want to have longer hair perhaps with a few curls peeping from under the hat and cascading down your back. If your own hair is too short or not quite the length that’s needed, you can purchase one of the blonde clip in hair extensions that are available to make your appearance more sophisticated. Be sure to use only a quality extension that matches your hair color and goes well with the outfit that you are planning to wear.

You may want to visit a color specialist who can help you to determine if you’re a winter, summer, spring or autumn person. This will assist you in learning which colors are best for you and which ones you should avoid. The entire process is based on your complexion and works well to help you achieve the look that works best for you. With a few simple changes in the combination of your colors, you can have a more elegant, professional appearance.